Here's what's at Garten's Music:
  • The Goofin' Around Keyboard Class for adult beginners so you can learn to play the easy way! (Click on "Classes" for more info.)
  • The Wichita Music Academy - private piano, guitar, bass, voice (singing), ukulele, violin, viola, woodwind and brass lessons for all ages (Click on "Lessons" for more info.)
  • A wide selection of method books and song books from Alfred, Faber & Faber, Hal Leonard (including the EZ Play series) and more!
  • A great selection of fine pianos and digital pianos, including instruments from Kawai, Roland,and Yamaha.
  • Portable keyboard instruments, electric and acoustic guitars, and ukes, including instruments from Alvarez, Yamaha, Lanakai and the surprisingly affordable Kohala.
  • An inviting atmosphere so you can audition these instruments
  • AND
  • Warm, friendly people who actually know something and who care about you and your musical needs.

So if you're thinking about piano lessons – or a piano to practice your lessons on – Garten's Music is the right place for you.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL LAUNCHES! Check out the Wichita Music Academy students performing at our Student Showcases at the new YOUTUBE CHANNEL. We couldn't be prouder of our students!!

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