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Just starting to take guitar lessons? Students (or their parents) sometimes think that beginners can get by with garage-sale guitars, and if they "stick with it" they can step up to something nicer.

But hand-me-down guitars are often quite difficult to play, causing unnecessary pain to soft finger tips. Some are difficult to tune and are way too big for small hands. Under these circumstances, beginners rarely "stick with it" long enough to succeed.

At Garten's we have a great selection of ½, ¾, and full-size guitars (both acoustic and electric) that will help make learning easier and FUN! (Check out Oscar Schmidt and especially Tanara guitars - perhaps America's best-kept secret in smaller instruments.)

Not all of our guitars are student guitars, though. We also offer great guitars like Washburn, Teton, Recording King, and more!

Stop by our store and see and hear these fine instruments for yourself! We're sure you'll find something you like. 

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