Interested in violin, viola, cello or upright bass lessons? Congratulations! The string family has a full singing tone unmatched by any other instrument.  All of the great composers wrote lots of beautiful music for this family of instruments, and people still do today – from movies to TV shows to popular music, strings play a prominent role. No matter what your musical preference, the teachers at the Wichita Music Academy will help you become the violinist, violist, cellist or bassist you want to be. We can introduce you to the fundamentals of music reading, ear training, technique and theory, and we’ll use music you love in your lessons! 

Why should take violin, viola, cello or bass lessons at the Academy?‍

Our teachers are warm and friendly, and they get to know each student and parent. We work with each student to develop a lesson plan that fits the student’s unique needs and musical tastes. Whether you’re a fifth-grader needing help with your school orchestra repertoire or an adult returning to the instrument, we’ll get to know what you want to accomplish musically and help you achieve your goals. 

What styles of music do you teach?‍

Of course, there is a lot of classical music written for the string family.  But these instruments also show up in country, folk and pop music –  we can help you express yourself musically in practically any style.

What ages do you teach?‍

The violin in particular comes in small sizes for small hands, but your student needs to have the ability to hold the instrument, the attention span for a half-hour lesson, and the drive to play during the week so that learning can occur.  Call us – we can help you determine what’s best for you.

Do I need to know how to read music?

‍You don’t need to know anything.  Students from beginners to advanced are welcome here.

Do I need a violin, viola, cello or bass to learn the instrument?

No, you don’t have to own one of these instruments, but you will need something to play at home.  If you don’t have access to one, we have rental violins starting at just $17/month. We also rent violas and cellos.

Are there recitals?‍

We don’t have the sort of recitals where you have to play Bach partitas from memory for stern-faced judges.  We DO have fun student showcases in summer and winter; you can play music you like for your friends and family.  Our showcases are not in some corner of the store but in a nice venue with sound, lighting, and video recording – you can be on YouTube if you want to! This is a great opportunity for your family from far away to see your progress.  And, unlike some, we don’t charge a fee to perform.

Contact us

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